Family Dynamics 2019-04-19T14:33:32-04:00
“We can’t just quit and work somewhere else—
how can we get past these obstacles?”

Family Dynamics

Family businesses who learn to manage the dynamics of their team and have constructive solutions for conflict harness a unique and powerful competitive edge. Family members know each other well—this can have a positive impact on the business that is unmatched by other types of businesses. But sometimes because of this close history together, difficult family dynamics can get in the way of good business –

  • decision making suffers
  • the business can get stuck
  • communication is stymied
  • goals are not set or reached

Bringing a fresh perspective and a neutral position, we help families break out of ruts and old stories, turning those intimate relationships into a real strength.

Working from our unique, neutral position, Advantage Family Business helps family businesses throughout the New York tri-state area to:

  • create healthy patterns of communication
  • reclaim their competitive edge
  • foster positive family dynamics
I want to improve our family dynamics