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“I’m worried about the conflict that succession planning will create.”

Succession Planning

Your family business has worked hard—and it has paid off.

Now how do you pass on the leadership of the business to the next generation and protect what has taken years to create?

Succession planning is more than just a single decision—it is about on-going business success:

  • when a new leader takes the helm
  • family and non-family members having a clear career trajectory
  • having family members engaged and successfully employed
  • having roles, responsibilities and accountabilities clearly defined

Advantage Family Business will help you build an on-going succession plan and ask all the right questions to create a successful foundation and strong legacy. Our process has helped family businesses in the New York Tri-State area and beyond prepare managers and emerging leaders to take the reins, retain institutional knowledge, create space for new ideas and continue great business.

We Need a Succession Plan