What is a family business consultant? 2019-04-19T14:12:19-04:00
“Our family relationships and the on-going success of our business are critical to us—who can we trust to help?”

What is a family business consultant?

Family business consultants have a unique understanding of the complexities of family business—the overlap with family roles, expectations, working through conflict, alignment of family members behind the mission of the organization—and more. Advantage Family Business brings a critical perspective and objectivity along with specific skills and strategy proven effective for the issues facing family business.

Asking someone from the outside to help with challenges in your family business is a tough decision; your business, your family relationships and your legacy are at stake. You want to know that you are putting your trust in the right organization to reach a successful outcome and that your family issues are handled with sensitivity, discretion and complete confidentiality.

We do our best work so that you can do your best work—for your business, for your family and for your life.

Following a proven methodology of the family systems approach, Advantage Family Business will help you identify and work through a range of issues and roadblocks that can be impossible to navigate successfully on your own.

Advantage Family Business is dedicated to supporting family businesses in the Hudson Valley and beyond by helping create and integrate long-lasting, positive change and results.

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